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Thursday, 11 June 2015

Rising Spring theme

Click on an image below for a larger view.



Click here for the instructions on how to install the theme. Used font: Segoe Print
Copy the CSS codes here:

  The image below can be used as decoration in your welcome box:

Copy the codes for the image here:



  1. Love this spring theme, great colours too, thanks for sharing, x :)

  2. I'm testing it right now, but only 1 question, it says play and pause on my page, is this where I suppose to add some Music ??? Thanks again for sharing, xx

    1. Uhm, I'm not sure what you mean, the CSS codes have their own form where you add those codes. If you would like to embed a music player on your website, you have to add an HTML widget. I hope this helps...if not, please let me know xxx

    2. Thanks hun , no problem to add Music and html in a gadget, I love html codes, only why this text :Pause and Play was added.I added a Picture on the comment on FB. XXX


    4. Hi Betsy,

      I took a look at your screenshot. That is indeed weird. So I've copied the codes from here and tested them as well, but it doesn't appear on my screen...I'm beginnining to think that those words were already there (perhaps you added a widget there in the past?) but you didn't notice it until now?