Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Late American Summer 3 theme

Click on an image below for a larger view.


Click here for the instructions on how to install the theme. Used font: Monotype Corsiva
Copy the CSS codes here:

  The image below can be used as decoration in your welcome box:

Copy the codes for the image here:


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At 22 June 2015 at 21:05 , Blogger Derek Gimblett said...

Hiiii Rionaaa! ;-) I was wondering if there are new Summer themes around the corner. For now I will use this one :-)


At 15 August 2017 at 17:08 , Blogger Ona Kallendorf said...

Wow, I'm reading your message just now, lol. Well, I've just pointed out in a blog post that I hardly have time to post anything new, because I'm very busy these days. I hope those busy days will be over soon :-)


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