Thursday, 20 December 2012

Merry Christmas 2 theme

Click on an image below for a larger view.



Click here for the instructions on how to install the theme. Used font: Segoe Print
For the tutorial, click here.
Copy the CSS codes here:

Important note:
Since the frame is curved, it could be that on your homepage, the bottom of the frame looks like it doesn't fit the frame entirely. To correct this, search in the css codes for 
div.main-outer {
Change the value of padding-bottom. The value is now set on 598. Make it highter like 720 or something. Keep changing the value until the bottom of the frame looks good.

The image below can be used as decoration in your welcome box:

Copy the codes for the image here:

Theme song: I'll be home for Christmas - Chris Lee. Copy the embed codes for the music player here.

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